3 Years On – #Syria

A few days ago, a picture by the artist Banksy, started doing the rounds in order to highlight the plight of the people of Syria.  It’s three years today since the conflict began and, at present, there no clear sign of it ending.  I have a Syrian friend whose family is still based in Latakia.  Her view is that, “Syria needs more love, not weapons.”

Banksy SyriaToday, some of us joined our local Amnesty group as they met in the local High Street to, “Stand with Syria.”

Holding the bannerand

Standing With Syria 1So we stood, quietly amongst the busyness and bustle of a High Street on a Saturday morning.  Most of the passers by just ignored us; some took photos; many, (especially the children), smiled and we stood with Syria.  A relatively small act. But an act of subversion; of prophetic witness; a message to the powers and authorities of this world that conflict in a far-off country is not going unnoticed.  For those of us who follow Jesus, this was an active prayer – no words needed.  Amen.

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